Port Discovery Children’s Museum

Port Discovery Children’s Museum, voted one of the Top 5 Children’s Museums in the US, is no stodgy, please-be-quiet type of place: It’s an interactive play zone where imagination reigns. Exhibits have included everything from interactive robots to a trip through Alice in Wonderland’s surreal world. Among permanent exhibits are the following:

  • Miss Perception’s Mystery House, where kids help solve the baffling case of the missing Baffled family
  • Adventure Expeditions, which takes kids on a magical adventure back in time to 1920s Egypt where they must decipher hieroglyphics and find clues to lead them to a pharaoh’s lost tomb
  • Wonders of Water “WOW!”, a series of exhibits where kids get wet playing water chimes, building a fountain, and taking a trip through Plumbers Park and Earth Today, a real-time atmospheric display
  • The Diner, a realistic 50’s style diner where kids can pretend to cook and serve food to their parents
  • Harvest Hill, a place for kids to barter, sell, or trade products at a pretend roadside market

Port Discovery, located in the Power Plant Live! plaza, has something for all kids, from the very youngest toddlers to school-aged youngsters curious about how the world operates. And parents will have a blast too!

35 Market Place, Baltimore, MD 21202


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American Visionary Art Museum

The American Visionary Art Museum, located at the base of historic Federal Hill in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, is one of the most unique art museums in the country. You won’t find anything boring or stuffy here. The museum features artworks by contemporary and historic self-taught artists. What makes their work interesting is that it breaks all the rules and arises from an intense personal vision. You’ll find everything here from art made from junkyard scraps to the most intricate and time-intensive models and sculptures, many taking decades to create.  The artists - many of them street people, hermits, housewives, and blue collar workers -  may not even think of their work as “art,” but what they’ve produced are some of the most fascinating and beautiful artworks you’ll ever come across.

800 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD 21202

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National Aquarium in Baltimore

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is a state-of-the-art aquarium featuring creatures from sharks to dolphins to giant octopi to exotic fish from all over the world. Here you’ll find approximately 16,500 specimens and more than 660 species of animals. And it’s not just fish. The aquarium is also home to a variety of birds, amphibians, and invertebrates. The top floor is a rainforest where visitors walk among real rainforest fauna and flora.

Exhibits have included Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extremes, Frogs! A Chorus of Colors, and the 4D Immersion Theater, which brings you closer to the sights, sounds, and even smells of the action.

There’s also a dolphin show. And, if you’re really adventurous, you can try an Aquarium Immersion Tour, tours that really let you dive beneath the surface behind-the-scenes. There’s no actual diving, of course, but immersion tours take you behind the scenes to where the public normally isn’t allowed to go. You can walk a catwalk where sharks swim just inches under you, engage in a private dolphin training and play session, and even participate in feeding the animals. If you have the night free, try a sleepover. There’s a Sleepover With the Sharks, where you’ll bed down in the underwater viewing area with the sharks sleeping close by, and there’s also the Rainforest Sleepover and Wild Extremes Sleepover.

And if you ARE a diver, there’s the Guest Diver Program, where you really do get to dive in for two 30-minute dives!

The National Aquarium in Baltimore, located on the pier in the heart of the harbor, is an exciting tour through worlds humans normally never get to see.

501 E. Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

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