Dining in Baltimore

Baltimore is known as a working-class city, a city of neighborhoods. In its early days, this was especially true: immigrants from Italy, Greece, Poland, Germany, Ireland and other areas established themselves in close-knit communities. While the city has evolved, and is no longer so blue-collar or so insular, it is blessed with diversity and this is reflected in its dining establishments.

Little Italy, located between Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and historic Fells Point, is a cozy neighborhood of Italian restaurants and trattorias. Here, you’ll find authentic Italian pastas and an old-world atmosphere.

Greektown, located along Eastern Avenue, is full of authentic Greek coffee houses, bakeries, and restaurants serving the best in Greek fare.

Historic Fells Point, a short walk or ferry ride from the harbor, is a neighborhood of cobblestone streets, hip boutiques, antique shops, and plenty of pubs, nightclubs, and eateries. You’ll find everything from crab houses to Irish pubs to Mexican, Chinese, and Louisiana -style cooking.

The Inner Harbor Pavilions is the place to go for casual dining at a variety of national and local chains. Here you can find pizza, dozens of varieties of cheesecake, and a food court with local delicacies and baked goods.

Elsewhere in Baltimore, you’ll find virtually any type of cuisine you want to try: Afghan, Indian, Cajun, Cuban, Japanese, French, Russian and plenty more.  It’s a diverse city offering a diverse and tasty dining experience.

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